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Friday, July 27, 2012

July 5 Race Videos

June 5th Supermoto Race

Lots going on lately pretty crazy stuff. The Race on the 5th of June went off with out a hitch!
So 21 riders came to race 8 novice 6 intermediate 7 experts. We had 95+ people in the stands. Not bad if I do say so myself! The races went from follow the leader to pass everyone to I am going to win this all in one race. The set up crew was fantastic and the tear down was smooth and fast. Trophy's were handed out with prizes to boot. Everyone that Volunteered really made the night come off with out a hitch minus a few slips but the riders were back up and ripping it. It was a great night with Sumos Friends and Racing. Thanks for the great night everyone!
I made the trophy's and everyone pitched in to help out. My pregnant wife (already looking at bikes for the kid) was honestly the back bone of the event.

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