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Monday, February 27, 2012

Regular surprises with used bikes

I don't think the Air filter came with a hole. Guess its a good thing I bought a new one...
 The bike keeps giving up surprises as I go along....

This is the throttle cable. Both the push and pull cables looked like this neatly hidden under some tubing. 

Light for the Xl 600

Just about done a HID light for the Xl the original light for the bike is a mess so I made this one. It still needs finishing and powder coating.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just another reason to store your bike properly

This is a clear reason to store your bike properly. Not only will it help insure years of trouble free riding but it will also save you $$ in the long run.

The inside of the tank looks great except for the bottom where water rested and wrecked havoc on the metal. The tank was sand blasted to expose the damage from rust and provide a good holding point for the repair metal.

Nice surprise under the paint this was the worst of both sides.
Some heat and a quick hand the holes are covered

The tank was pressure tested to 5-7 psi and showed that all of the holes were sealed. Being careful not to exceed 7psi or you could rupture the tank.
Now primer and some paint and it will be good to go. 
This tank is going on a dirt bike so esthetically finishing it is not very important.
If you wanted to finish it up you could sand it how ever you wanted to smooth it out taking care that you do not make the patches too thin.
Thanks to Victoria Motorcycle sales for the education on fixing tanks this way.
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