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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bringing the 85 XL600 back to life

I picked up a 1985 XL 600 for a hell of a deal. The story on the bike was the shifter stripped the splines from the shift shaft and a make do weld the shifter on jobby. Eventually the weld broke and the shift shaft needed to be replaced. All of the appropriate gaskets and parts were bought for the job when a head bolt called an end to the project by deciding to stay put in the motor. At this point I stepped in cash in hand and took on the broken motor. With some help and a drill the motor was split and found to be in need of a set of rockers and a cam but otherwise the motor was found to be in great shape. Off to ebay I went with no real success. I sent of the cam to be resurfaced only to have it returned with an explanation saying "buy a new one". A good friend on a trip state side at a swap meet stumbled upon a vender who possibility had a suitable cam. Phone number and an email was handed over, calls and emails went back and forth and a cam was sent in the post. As for the rockers a half case of lite beer answered that need five top ends and three bottom ends came with the rockers. The motor was pulled apart and gaskets were cleaned up. Now it goes back together with some help from friends.
Drilled out bolt

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