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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fox Greatest Hits vol1

Fox Greatest Hits vol1 part1/3 from GoZilla on Vimeo.

This fast-paced compilation of film clips illustrates in surprisingly picturesque ways the startling tricks some of the best motorcycle riders in the world can perform while sailing through space on the back of a dirt bike. After kicking off with some vintage motocross films (perfectly complemented by Arlo Guthrie singing "The Motorcycle Song"), the action (and soundtrack) throttles forward to the modern era's artful and risky freestyle motocross. Riders make impossibly high jumps on race courses, mountain trails, and desert hillsides. The cinematography is generally quite striking, with camera angles chosen to showcase expert riding techniques as well as some spectacular scenery, and the soundtrack of thrashing rock and rap meshes well with the visuals. Wisely, the main feature has no narration (which would have ruined the general effect), but a bonus feature of interviews with the riders provides some insight into their dangerous devotion to showing off in midair. --Robert J. McNamara

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