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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cleaning Time!

 The forks are from the SR 250 that's being Cafed. 30 years of dirt and crap adds up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

1980 SR 250 Cafe bike Exhausting isnt it....

Think I will be doing up my own exhaust. Took the monster heavy one off and ya it looks hella better with out it.

some other ideas for the SR250

I like the "stop" light one
 This one was just on sale

 Going with these for turn signals
 This is the gauge set up I want to use and clip ons (thanks ebay)
 Box of rear sets to work with

1980 SR 250 Cafe bike

Pequeño Diablo The beginning
Picking a Seat
 Think I will go with this one from a 1966 Suzuki superhawk.
Now for a tank 
This is stock
 Not a fan of this one not quite what I was thinking
 This will work! Had to operate on the frame first.
 OK that's better
How about the lines? 

 Before you ask this thing that looks like a deep fryer is an Ultrasonic cleaner.

sometimes playing bites you in the ass...

Friday, February 18, 2011

1980 SR 250 Cafe bike

Started out with my brother showing up with this bike saying "Make it run" and it was all down hill from there.....

On the other hand it did give me justification for some more tools. So win for me thanks Bro!
I'll be posting up progress as I go along.

Playing with Tucker my dog

He kicks ass and takes names

Start em young

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The old shop

 This place had everything but space. Still I had 9 bikes in the room next to this one almost stacked like firewood....

This Shirt Is a Must Have

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