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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok back on track now...

So I wired up the motor and started on the turn singles brake lights etc over the weekend.
Things have been moving along at a good rate. Over the weekend I made a few brackets for the turn singles.
After some looking humming and getting bitched out ( you know who you are) I have decided to replace the front fender.
I ordered one from Action along with some new pads for the front brakes. (Thanks Dean!)
I also picked up an ignition and need to make a mount for it.
I still need to give the throttle a look over as it sticks just a little.
Little bit more wiring, oil, mount the gas tank, headlight, chain, once over on the bolts, install front brakes ( thinking of powder coating the caliper),right hand bark buster and a few odds and ends.
I have decided to cover the side covers with some plastic rather than paint them. This way if i dont like them I can just peal it off and change it. And that is what I will end up doing.
Well here we are 12:15am ish been working on the bike lights are all done and mounted. The ignition is wired in and ready to go. Tank is mounted. New brakes are on and the new fender is on too...
It has been a fun build so far lots getting done. Lots of help from the local shops Action, Victoria Motorcycle sales, Island Powder coating, The foundry, Wheelie Junkie for tall of the help, the GF for letting me take over the workshop and building it up not to mention everyone else too.
I am aiming for tomorrow to have it all done and plated.
Oh ya before I forget, what do u think of the new fender? Best $40.00 I have spent.
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