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Monday, February 1, 2010

The good the bad and the ugly

Well I got the bike insured and took it out. It kicked over on the second or third try. I took it out for a bit of a ride it was not too bad. Pulled through the gears ok. The piston and rings were new. Over all I am very happy with it!
Kitty (The GF) did a hell of a Job with the seat its not done quite yet!


Now The UGLY:
I was riding down to meet up with people on Sunday and the motor went CLUNK then the bike died.
Long story short the motor decided to say FUCK YOU and left its guts in the oil filter.
Well not its guts it just need a new crank not really a big deal

But for a 25 year old bike I kina expect at least a bump
Good thing the shop is done so I have the space to fix it.
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