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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Da Sand Blaster

So On a trip to Ikea we wound up finding a 60 gal Sand blaster at princess auto. It was the floor model that "did not work". I got in talking to the guy and found out " it was broken and was going to be sent to away". I talked the guy into selling it to me for far below cost given it did not work. It came with Media (sand) too. It was a simple $4 buck fix. We did however discover that a 60 Gal Sand blasting Cabinet fits in a Nissan rogue. As well as a trip to Ikea. Go figure.
We also needed a compressor big enough to run the blaster. Thanks to Rona we were able to get a 80 gal 17.5 cfm @ 100 psi for a great deal. That did not fit in the rogue. Thanks to my friend Jason he borrowed a crane truck and picked it up for me. Same guy delivered my tv to the house with the same truck.
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