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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bits add up

I am picking up a mess of stuff from the bike shop today (Fast turn around on the parts order 3 days ish)
Powder coated stuff forks motor covers and some other bits.
Then the cleaning and painting of the motor!
25 years of dirt adds up.

The rear shock is re done and the spring is now powder coated black.
next is to rebuild the shocks.
Bolts are separated to get sent to get made all shinny!
Ran the "to get paint ones" through the wire wheel giving them a good clean up.
Having the Compressor hooked up this week to power and getting the sand blaster up and running ( I have a few other projects on the go as well as some stuff for other people).
I picked up a wire set up from Used Vic to do the lights etc..
Needing to tidy up the shop a bit more and sort out the tool boxes.
Looks like I will be getting rid of a bunch of sockets and wrenches as well I think I have a few hundred.


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